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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
I see. Thanks!
And don't worry about your works. Different styles, right?

And about civility...

Vita + Felix = civility? DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!
Felix: I can be civil, I just choose not to be, to assholes... Also everyone is an asshole.

Even more so if Felix manages to hit the bunny on Vita's hat...
How do you think he got the broken arm...

Not even the most vicious of subordinates can stop that.
The Fist
Melee Power - Ignores armor class and all saves if target character is subject to users orders, strikes for D6 physical damage.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Nice stylish character Wyatt is, but another person Vita hates? Alot of people want to piss off Vita don't they?
Everyone pisses her off which is what makes her awesome.

Youch... Vita and Felix slugging it out, this we must see!!!

Let's not get carried away, it's not like they'll be actively trying to kill each other... mostly.

And The Fist™ RETURNS!!!!
It should never have left!

At this point, Keroko-chan should really think about getting herself a REAL boyfriend...
Jack: But that would ruin all this fun!

Originally Posted by Dream_Traveller View Post
Yeowch. Looks like Felix got his comeuppance of sorts when fighting against Vita. And, true to his attitude, Jack cares not for his worry.
Jack is just glad his lazy ass finally did a little training, and also him being beaten by a little red haired girl has given him WEEKS of poking material at a minimum.

However...when will we see the actual fight itself, good sir? I enjoyed your last piece, and I'm now anticipating the face-off even more because of it.
Probably not until the weekend, I want it to be of decent quiality, but I won't have major time to sit down and get it all written up until probably friday (I have a few test this week and I’m trying to get on top of them instead of plowing like 100 pages of text the night before for once…) Some of the less writing intesive tour bits leading up to the fight (Which will rather obviously be a bit of a show stopper) will be slowly posted leading up to that, starting with this bit which takes place right after the end of the first part.

Spoiler for Part Two!:

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