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I've looked around but I have not yet found this one. Since I have no official ref post for the OP, here it is.

The sideway gun guesture Konata made during the OP, in which she jabs the viewer with her index finger several times, seemed to be a reference to a part of the Akiba-idol group AKB48's dance for their single "Aitakatta". At the end of the chorus, during the line "Kimi ni...", all the girls would point their right hand up in the exact fashion as Konata and point forward as the finish the line.

I believe this is a reference because 1. The song came before L*S started, and 2. We know KyoAni watches idol groups obsessed by the Wotas like Momusu to get their idea for their OP/ED dances. An online discussion revealed that several famous ota-gei movements were performed by the SOS-dan during the full Hare Hare Yukai dance. I'm quite sure they must have viewed all available video on the rising star of the Wota scene - AKB48 - when planning their dancing segments.

You can reference these two videos - the gesture is pretty much the signature move of the song. I'm sure it performed many a moe-death to the otageishi screaming below.

Spoiler for Unhide to view Moe Video:

No I'm not a full fledge WOTA - I just happen to like AKB48. I caught this song accidentally on Youtube once and got hooked. Plus they're quite popular with girls now; even my wife liked them.
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