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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post

Her Meister is here He's on to us! Runnn!!


Oh wait, he just left
Then let us continue!

“Did you hear about her?” One woman muttered as she passed.

“I know with a married man shameful!” Her friend replied disapprovingly.

She made a lame attempt to curl up and hide, lame because her arms where still jutting out like chicken wings in the casts. Still what she heard next as she passed a closed door was even worse.

“I can’t believe that bastard stole another one!”

“And he’s already married!”

“He’s gone to far this time! Tonight we plan our revenge meet at the usual place!”

“Yeah he’ll never see this coming!”

Keroko wanted to bury her face in her palm what the hell was she going to do about this?!

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