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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I'm running out of creativity juice here

Oh shi-! Runnn!
*Jumps up to take up the slack*

After some debate Keroko decided she had to try and figure out what foul plot was threatening to befall Chrono, despite the possible worsening of the current situation, he was her friend after all, but ONLY a friend. She clarified mentally.

Her attempts at trailing Chrono would be assailants were clumsy to say the least, but luckily they weren’t so bright themselves. Sure the basement was dark and foreboding a nice atmosphere for a secret plotting of vengeance but it was also noisy, dark and full of cover making I rather hard to tell if you where being watched…

“Okay so let’s review the plan one more time…”

Keroko leaned forward she’d missed some of it the first time she needed to catch it this time, sadly her injury came back to haunt her once more as he set arm whacked a value releasing a jet of steam and drawing attention to her.

“An intruder, get him!” One of the conspirators yelled as he saw her scurrying away and they all jumped up and started searching.

Keroko was running like a bat out of hell now, if she got caught down here spying on them the rumors would get 5 times as bad! Her balance wasn’t the best but she was managing and seemed to be eluding them. She was carefully heading up the stairs and once she got through this door she’d be home free she carefully worked the knob and then quickly pushed it open only to have it unexpectedly impact something this surprise caused her to trip and she began to tumble forward.

Only to be caught by a strong arm around the waist. “Are you alright? You shouldn’t be running around like this in your condition!” Chorno chastised her as he held her upright.

She looked around and noted that she’d opened the door in Fate’s face and the rest of the aces where present as well, leering.


Lurkers, I ain't afraid of no lurkers!

*Stims his Marines and charges*
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