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Anyway a little while back I showed off my planned “Hero Ship” well the Write up is done… and it’s long. (and not quite done either) Can you tell I like spaceships much? I’m ripped off aspects of at least a half dozen space operas in building this thing but I think it’s a damn well balanced ship all around.

Some of the tech is a little more ambiguous then I normally write about technical systems, but I didn’t want to set too many hard numbers since you can get into the "yield" (mines bigger then yours!) game if you're not careful.

Spoiler for Battleship... OF DOOM!!!:

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Because of the news of the 16-year old girl killing his father who is a 45-year reputable police officer with an axe? Hmm... Understandable... (The girl admitted allegation and said that she hated her father.) Guess I'll just have to make do with GL the next week.
Lizzy borden took and axe...

Originally Posted by USB500
Mommy always said don't drink too much. now you've learned your lesson.
And this is why I don't all. (Also perhaps because ever kind of alcohol I’ve tried has tasted me to be somewhere between bleach and gasoline I can’t fathom why anyone would drink it besides to get trashed which I have no interest in doing.)

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*sees thread flooded in bloods*

What in the world has I done?
*Is pretty much immune to such petty perversion and blatant fan-service.*

Sigh... I’ll go get a sump pump.

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