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Originally Posted by EdwardElricForever View Post
What would be a good size to play fansubs properly on the TV without over scan?
Just scaling the video doesn't always help; at least it didn't for me.

What you need to do is put black borders around the image. I use mencoder in Linux (there's also a Windows version), so I can't give you precise commands to use for WinAVI. However, if I resize the image to a width of 576, then drop it onto a 640x480 black box to create borders, it plays fine on my standard NTSC television. For 4:3 shows that means resizing to 576x432; for 16:9 I use 576x324.

16:9 shows will always have black bars top and bottom so most of their subs remain intact without any massaging, but you'll be cutting off content on the left and right sides. Some subbers take advantage of the wide-screen format and extend the subs across the full width. That means a couple of words can be cut off on the sides. Resizing with borders fixes that problem.
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