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Well, final episode of StrikerS is over, now to see what they will do next. To make an S4, or not to make an S4....

Episode was farely disapointing, though. Filled to the brink with fanservice that was thrown in there at the last minute. Subaru wielding double knuckles, Teana riding her bike, fleet showing up to blast the Cradle, at least the Signum/Agito unision had some meaning.

Oh well, guess I'll spend tommorow's ride to class bubbling over what to do with Keroko, seeing as how everyone is back at what they used to do I could let her go back to the Rogues, or I could explore different paths.

Decicions decicions.

Before that though, I finished the Tesla piece. *grin*

Spoiler for Holding the line:

Since all the Tesla pieces up to this point were character development (for which I am eternally gratefull to Aaron), I decided to write a little combat piece. Combat suits me better then fluff anyway. Much easier to write.

Apolagies if some of the German seems scrambled. German grammar is a pain in the rear.
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