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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Tell me about it. By the time I finally got a decent PC, space sims were a rare find. I recently installed Starlancer (one of the few I found) again just for some nostalgia.
I've seen that game thought about buying it, never got around too it.

Never even heard of? Does that mean I get to see some of the forgotten Rebellion ships again? Like the CC-7700? Or the Liberator? This I have to see.
At least the former is in game (as the rebel interdictor) and some modeling has been done for the later.
CC-7700 1
CC-7700 2

Liberator 1
Liberator 2

I swear the man is a fucking modeling machine. Lots of mods acutally use his models with permission (or without) he’s probably responsible for at least half the decent Stars Wars capital ship models floating around the internet.

Just a couple off my head allot of people probably couldn’t even place that are in game or close too it:
Nearly all “New Class” ships
MC-40B Light Cruiser
The Corellian gunship series
Bothan Assault Cruiser
Bulwark Class Battlecruiser
Harrow Class
Etc, etc

He can also seem to make almost any ship look good. Just look what he did to the Republic class Star Destroy! Quite possibly the ugliest and crappiest looking piece of art ever inflicted upon a ship! He made it look kind of cool! As far as I’m concerned THAT is now how the Republic class looks.

I'll try to get a copy first, then worry about performance later.
The game can run on surprisingly marginal systems, but it needs a bit of meat to work really well. I started playing it back in '03 on an old 3gz P4, Radeon 9800, and only like 512 megs of ram for instance and it ran though not well.

I don't even have a sci-fi channel. Maybe I'll go hunt down a few boxes of Stargate Atlantis. As far as I know that show never aired over here. I certainly hope sc-fi will make a comeback, though.
You're not missing much most of the time trust me SGA and NBSG are about the only reasons I actively go to the channel. It doesn’t help that the guys running the thing can't seem to grasp the difference between horror movies and science fiction. Allot of these it isn’t even like you can go well “the monster is an alien so that’s sorta sci-fi…” no these monsters are like evil spirits and shit! That’s not science fiction dammit!

Meanwhile they're funding and producing like 15 movies about giant snakes (including one about one 100 foot snaking fighting ANOTHER 100 foot snake!!!) and a few more about killer lizards. (I think I recall one about a huge Komodo dragon eating people)

Atlantis is pretty good overall but Mckay and Sheppard are easily the best part of it Mckay is just hilarious.
Spoiler for Opps...:

And Sheppard is a total pimp, even other characters in the show acknowledge it.
Spoiler for Pimpin:
Most it isn't spacebattles though and none at all until really until the second season, but it's been getting more space oriented as time goes on they just actually just added a second BC-304 the Apollo for instance.

I was more concerned about the crew then arnaments, really. I mean, a crew of 1785 just for a Squadron of twelve mages? Even if they're an elite group, that's a bit... much. I might be able to pull it off if I make it a base of operations for multiple Squadrons, with the Rogues being the main use
It’s not as bad as it might seem, entire submarines are often dedicated just to getting a six man SEAL team into a country for example and they have crews of around 140 to 150 men. You can also just retcon the crew to be smaller or even the ship itself if you’re mainly after the look. SW crews have always bordered on the ludicrous considering the vast availability of cheap droids and the level of automation seen possible in other areas. Even the modern navy is finding ways to slash crew from new ships with automation and they don’t have human analogue robots and actual AI.

Also as said you could just say other groups base off it too, and it’s not like you acutally need to show them or anything. My ship normally technically has like 150+ mages on it, but only like a dozen really matter and have names.

I never had much with the Mon-Cals. I simply love the triangular designs of the Star Destroyers, makes them look especially menacing when they jump an enemy fleet. TIE-fighters too, always caught my atention. The phantom has to be my favourite when it comes to looks, followed by the interceptor. No rebel ship so far can compare in my eyes. Call me an imperialist.
Star Destroyers are cool to be sure, but allot of the later Mon-Cal ships look pretty good the MC-90 and Mediator both look pretty sweet for instance IMO, but I like allot of kinds of space ships the only ones I really don't are organic looking crap and asymmetrical almost random designs. (Though the window filled cruise liners in space of Trek never did anything for me either.)

Big and blocky is still my favorite style though B5 Omega Class and the SGC ships are some of my all time favs.

I've never really liked Ties that much at all though they look like eye balls with balsa wood wings crudely glued onto them, and the fact they not only look dumb IMO but suck mondo ass in combat dosen't help. I've always like the "Wing" series better expect the K-wing, that thing is butt ugly.

... targets?
Keroko has been the source of much "lulz!!!" and I look forward to the lulz potential of Tesla as well…

Anyway onto current topics...

Well canon is over it seems but it’s nothing really that unexpected and nothing that really effects me either as I always intended to mostly play in my own little corner of the universe with mostly cameo type overlap with the canon cast. My plans for my enemy are force are un-effected as well. They'll be fairly conventional in any case aside from possessing a not totally shit battle fleet; because I like spacebattles and I’m going to have me some! They'll have control of some ancient shit, but nothing all that uber actually it'll end up being pretty useless in direct combat, and 99% of it will be happening out of the "rim" and even in uncharted space.

This is set probably a few months after StrikerS exact timeline is up in the air, but it's pretty much going to be the intro for the guys I intend to have my OC fighting; although none of them know that quite yet. This is still a bit rough too scenes might be added and while I'm still working in bits and pieces on some other stuff, I'm probably going focus mostly on the post Strikers stuff now.

On that note onto content!

Spoiler for Weee Wall O' Text! Oh and Spacebattle!:
I should probably be writing my paper due next week instead of 5,000 word fan fics, but this is so much more fun!
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