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Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
I'm also thinking of a Hot Springs/Public Baths scene too
Spoiler for Uh oh...:
Oooh, hot bath scene? Do want!

Originally Posted by FlameSparkZ View Post
Yep, hence why I wrote what I wrote

Though, I found it wierd when they put mecha sounds not only on Hakutenou but also on Voltaire
*hands over ears* Mecha sounds? What mecha sounds? I didn't hear any mcha sounds! They're summons, they don't have mecha sounds!

*cough* My obvious case of denial aside, I finished a little piece of Keroko training the forwards -or in this case, Subaru- I may do Erio, Caro and of course Tiana later.

Spoiler for A day in training:

Whew, that turned out longer then I thought. Well, the first part of a Keroko-as-a-trainer piece. It shows a bit of her street-fighter past influences in her combat (trip, punch, kick while they're down) and an instructor.

Also... possible Austin influence in Keroko's training? I was certainly thinking so when I thought of this scenario.

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