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The most comprehensive site i've found so far is which has a nice collection of wallpapers, a travel guide, each characters profile, the music albums and quite a bit more, it's the best website i've seen on "Ashita no Nadja" is just pure images of different areas throughout the whole series, and theres some pretty cool ones in there is the fanlisting site for "Ashita no Nadja" has most of the dvd covers of each of the chapters of "Ashita no Nadja" or at least i think it's most, theres 13 there and some more random nice pics i haven't as yet investigated, but it prolly explains itself
hope that helps fans of "Ashita no Nadja" if they were looking for good sites, all of those ones are in english is the Toei Animation section for "Ashita no Nadja" and has some brief overviews of things, but it's in japanese, so i used the google translator to get it into english Beta
I hope this helps people looking for stuff on "Ashita no Nadja" and i hope theres nothing in this post tht shouldn't be, if needed i'll edit things out, hope it helps tho
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