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Yay! I just finished typing up my first character

Originally Posted by Personnel Data: Shamsel Nagisa
Name: Shamsel Nagisa
Nickname: Sham, Shamy, Sham-<insert honor-fic here>
TSAB Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: July 20 MC 053
Place of Birth: Hawaii, Non-Administered Planet 97
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 61.4 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown (looks black)
Mage Rank: AA
Magic Type: Mid-Childa
Magic Color: Navy
Magic Specialization: Wind
Combat Specialization: Close- and Mid-range Combat

Device Name: Tuebor
Device Type: Intelligent Device w/ Cartridge System (Revolver-type Loading System)
Device Primary Structure: Naginta
Device Storage Form: Silver ring with a small, blue gem set into it; worn on right pinky.
Device Appearance:
Spoiler for For Length:

Spoiler for For Length:

Spoiler for For Length:

Barrier Jacket
Spoiler for For Length:

Spoiler for For Length:

Recent Events
Spoiler for For Length:

I'll add a section for spells later (or once he uses them). Um, I'm not too sure where to put him in terms of units (I'm not planning on making a bunch of characters just to make a new unit ). Let me know what you think . And I'm open to where I should put him (which is why I really don't have much of an intro story for him atm). If someone wants to write a little bit about getting his transfer papers or something, that'd be great .

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