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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
*snicker* That reminds me of one of the class LAN games of Zero Hour, death valley with me being chinese nuke in the back. I had 16 nuke timers running at the end of the game, after which it was simply a matter of when we chose to end it.

Though that won't be nearly as easy in this game. But the challenge is worth it.
This...reminds me of a Zero Hour game I played with a bunch of my friends. It ended with my brother commandeering 8 Nuke Silos and me with 9 Scud Storms (General Juhziz's super-powered ones for good measure...) an we ended up firing ALL of them AT ONCE and obliterating everything. I still won The "arms race" has become a running joke among our LAN group.

Anyway, I have a new character for you lot.

Spoiler for More Length...:

Hahhhh...done at last. As always, comments, questions, constructive criticism, etc. are always welcome; if you wanna use him feel free.

BTW, did I get the German right???
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