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almost like 2 weeks without nothing huh...

well, since i wasn't even able to have an idea to do something, deathy just jumped on me, as we already had a plan to do something in collaboration (that was the "secret" project i was talking before... a F/SN Rider sig but meh...)

we were completely oblivious about the subject and we were searching aimlessly for anything
until desy found that gorgeous one ^^ :

Yeah, such Miko is hardly a loss so *_*

next was probably my painful joy: cutting her COMPLETELY.
You know what? I had the whole picture, and i wasn't sure if we were to use the bottom part (which is not +18, but nearly ) so i cut the long strands of hair anyway. And since it isn't a unique flow... bingo... big fun time >_>. I also forget the fact i had to fix the hair on the left side... and no, i wasn't able to use the "transplant skill", so i "vectored" it... painfully.
At least, preparations clear.

after that, we got the happy moment to... get stuck with the background. Desy took the first step alone and we got something (version A) we were absolutely not happy with.
The main problem was the dull color and the lack of impact.

I decided to give it a shot, but guess what? My Photoshop (remember... the old wreck... 6.00) COULDN'T open the damn PSD file... it was so desperate that i had to ask DKZ to send me EACH layer in PSD format, since even when he turned off every "unknown" blending mode for my PS, it wasn't able to even open it.
Then, I used some usual "wind/solar" rays, which were not good either. Not only the 2 colors were conflicting a lot, but the effect was rather too brutish for this mood. (this is version B)

Desy took the freedom to change some things here and there, adding some sakura petals. Due the striking similarities with B and D, no need to show it to you (this is version C... good, you were following!)

Finally, I went nuts, because it was 1AM+ on my side, and because of the sakura petals, i felt a true "wind" and dreamy aspect is required, which... leads us to a pink setup, which we were trying to avoid from the start
I used some old techniques i used on the A's Hayate signature and such, and we got the pink one. (version D)

Now, we were stucking for the text... but before that, Desy wanted to change some details again (geh, catfight XD), but it was rather fitting both our tastes (some petals and stream etc).
Then, we were stucking like 20-30 minutes on the dumb text (it was VERY lame on MSN... and no, I won't write what kind of corny lines we imagined )
With a suggestion of each other, we merged a noun and an adjective and we were set... until Deathy messed up a bit with the font (version E, not shown)

Since the good ol' deathy was exhausted (just like me ^^'), he just entrusted the ... "experiment" to me, and I toyed slightly with the font and such.

after a very very "happy go lucky" ordeal (read: HARDSHIP, I insist on every way possible i tried to put emphasis on it), we are done...
result? there...

aftermath? We are damn tired

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