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MM! (anime)

The shounen(boy's) light novel series MM! by Akinari Matsuno (author) and QP:flapper (illustrator) will be getting a TV anime adaptation:


Boy's light novel seires (light novel series for boys).

The light novel series is published under the shounen(boy's) light novel label MF Bunko J.
For now there are 11 volumes released of this light novel series.


Author: Akinari Matsuno
Illustrator: QP:flapper

A seinen manga adaptation of the shounen light novel series is serialized in the seinen manga magazine Comic Alive.
Currently there are 3 volumes released of the manga.



Manga drawn by: Hyoju Issei

Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Romance

Other male oriented light novels from the boy's light novel label MF Bunko J that got animated:
Spoiler for Boy's light novels that got animated:

Wiki entry for MM!:!

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