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Like I said in the episode 3 thread, I can't see Kyou as the way how "tsundere" are, be it old or "consensus" version of it.

Maybe this is because it is "my" version of Tsundere, but for me, a character which harbors such trait is not qualified like this all the time just because of being dishonest.
Most likely, being dishonest with their feelings can have its roots from anything. (and seriously, there are so much examples in anime that this "specific" trait isn't reserved for Tsundere alone)

To me, a Tsundere is rather a character who displays a fool aversion towards their interest (be it love or close friendship etc), conflicting directly with what they really feel, having such result that they are demonstrating crystal clear different behaviours.

Now, what are the difference with what i just babbled out and Kyou? Basically, Kyou (currently in the anime, of course) doesn't display any peculiar "behaviour" towards Tomoya. She is brash AND friendly in her environment, and if she is pissed, the said person will eat a) a dictionnary b) a kick c) ????
What i can see with Kyou's behaviour is rather what she is all the time with anyone.

That is absolutely not what a Tsundere is, as Tsundere are "violent" in a "cold" manner. Of course, with the huge tide of "new version" of tsundere, they tend do be harsh and brutal (physical "punishments" etc) as well.
But most of the time, their violence are a mean to draw a line, something like "don't stay close to me!". Such reaction is an attempt of "self defense" and intregrity, as they don't want to "lose" to their person of interest.

I would likely say Kyou is a Tsundere if she display such behaviour more against Tomoya, in such fashion that she prevents him to be too close to her.
However, the anime portrays her violence more likely as a "natural" hotblooded personality towards anyone.

That how i would say Kyou isn't a Tsundere.
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