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Originally Posted by iamadragon
Because beating other's up is the boy's way of showing friendliness, so it's not tsun but dere actually for boys.

dgreater1, if you really want to use examples, tell me: is Nagisa a tsundere?
Originally Posted by Klashikari
Sheesh... at this rate, Tomoyo and EVEN Nagisa will be considered as Tsundere if they are considered like it because of Tomoya..."
Erm... and why in the world did they become tsun? They weren't even close to tsun to begin with. And I didn't say having mood swing is tsundere but rather having a mood that swings from tsuntsun to deredere is tsundere.
Nagisa isn't a tsundere, didn't you see my reply before? She doesn't have the most important aspect of tsundere, and that is "tsun" short for "tsuntsun" which is word usually used to describe personality.

As far as I can see, you're definition of tsun in tsundere is a bit wrong because you're applying something else when it should only be describing personality.

Did Nagisa start with a hot-tempered personality? (can be considered wild, a form of tsun) (traditional definition) Is she someone who always becomes irritated? (a form of tsun) (modern definition) Not, right? She's just a gentle and loving girl who can also get embarrassed sometimes.

A simple explanation...

Traditional Tsundere == Tsuntsun ----> Deredere (It means, from being someone who has a bad attitude to someone loving)
Modern Tsundere == Tsuntsun+Deredere (It means someone who has a bad attitude but really weak/lovable/moonstruck/etc. inside) and the tsuntsun part is more obvious than the deredere part.

Anyway, a much more easier to understand term for tsuntsun is "hot headed" and "softhearted" for deredere. But anyway, almost every moe girls are deredere as well... if not, all...

Anymore question?

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