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Originally Posted by LimitedEternal View Post
Both quoted for truth. Inspiration's what you make of it - just pick a concept, add your own BS, stir well, and it works! Just go with your ideas and you can't go wrong.

And the bluecheesium around here is matched only the backlog.

And now, another character for you, and this time I give you a short writing to go with it!

Spoiler for Leeeeeength:

Haa. Done at last.

This is my third OC, and the main character of a story I have in mind. I'm not much for ficlets, but I hope you guys like this.

Inspiration really is a wonderful thing. And as always, feedback is much appreciated. TK, put the AHAX Rifle away.

Oh, and the chick's name is Satsuki Ikaruga. I didn't bother to find where from.

This is stamped NO FUCKING GO how the FUCK did you think this would be even VAGUELY acceptable?! I"m not even sure where to begin, but how about the letters "SSS"?

It's late now so I can't be assed to tear this down in detail (not that I need to go into much to see it's BROKEN), but I'd seriously like to hear the twisted logic I assume you have that makes you think this is any kind of "okay.".

Also Content!

It started out as a simple thing… Since I’m going to have a war I’m obviously going to need more then like 10 guys to fight it! So I figured I’d invent some troops for the OC to lead! Well that got a little out of hand and now here I am 3,000 words later having managed to OC-ify a real life Special Forces unit into a magical commando brigade…

Spoiler for SIZE:
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