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Oh my God! This week's butler battle is something out of my childhood! I don't remember the series that well, but after a bit of searching it seems to be called "Let's & Go". It's a shounen like series about model 4 wheel drive race cars that run on tracks. They run with only a motor and turning is completely based off bumpers on the corners of the frame with wheels. It's a manga/show like Beyblade (I think), but a million times better. If I remember correctly, it's racing with model cars that are modified and enhanced with technology to an epic level. Instead of in Beyblade where ridiculous spinning tops somehow follow the orders of people yelling at them, it's racing in the crazy courses where pre-modifying and how well built a model is wins. The crazy race courses for example, would be like an underground cavern where stalactite fall down and damage/crush cars if they weren't fast enough or something. That course was a duel race between the main character brothers racing against a shadowy underground racing team bent on... was it world domination or racing champion trophy? Can't remember. Anyway, the characters would always run beside their cars like this episode and exchange banter while the cars would perform incredible stunts (and yes, like Beyblade, follow orders somehow, but not to such an extreme...).

Hell, I even bought the model cars of the two main characters when I was a kid, and built them up myself from the part kits that were sold in stores. One of the brothers had a car that would be upgraded and called "(something) Magnum" and Hayate's car was a reference to it too!

That was nostalgic... I have some of the manga for it I think. This stuff if old school, maybe a decade or more I think. It's awesome, I haven't thought about the cars for a long time... I should build up a track and race the two cars again sometime. Dang... that was a ramble and a half.
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