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Yosha~! Can't celebrate long though - Nagi vs Rika will start in 24 hours. Need to prepare for that.

Everyone, please remember that you can get a voting code in 1 minute if you book it at 22:53 JST - as in, no matter when you ask for a code, you will get one by 22:55 JST. Use to see what JST is (factor in Daylight Savings that Japan does not do) but...

22:53 JST = 13:53 GMT = 8:53 EST = 5:53 PST

Earliest time you can book a code is 23:31 JST the day before. That means 2 Nov (1 day break, right?) 14:31 GMT or 9:31 EST. Doesn't matter if you wait 1 hour or 18 hours, doesn't matter if you close the tab/window that had the code generator page on it - so long as your IP address doesn't change (e.g. do not reset modem/router) you will get the code (assuming you're not banned of course). As people have been doing today, make sure to maximise the number of Valid Vote Codes that are generated and have as many unique IPs use them to vote. That means contacting friends and asking them to go to the code generator in the morning or whenever, then contacting them again a few hours later to remind them the code is ready.

Which way people vote I won't mind so much as making sure the Finals have a worthy number of total votes.

Now, on a personal preference matter... we've just about run out of fresh Rika campaign images. 2ch harvest always came up with new images whenever a Rozen doll was out there. Sure, campaigning isn't all there is to getting votes, but it can make a difference. Especially if you show the best of campaign material to your friends as you tell them to vote! Only takes a moment to vote - you only need to capture their minds during that moment.

I'll see if I can get a high-grade Rika image pack ready by the Finals. However, it won't make as big an impact on Saimoe veterans who've seen it all already. Thus I present a challenge: draw/photoshop your own Rika image(s). Or go image hunting for more of course. You don't need superb quality (read: don't need to invest a ton of time) images to campaign - so long as they're fresh.

Here's one image idea I'd like to see happen: Rika with Beam Mop (see Higurashi Daybreak), Scythe and Fin Funnel Syringes (injection needles with rockets and maybe a fat base). Or instead of the Beam Mop - Raising Heart (as she Does have Nanoha's VA).

Another: flying Hanyuu. Rika riding her, with a giant sword, axe or cleaver in both hands. Caption: "Full Max Determination: The Sword that CLEAVES Destiny". (What I'm thinking of)

Remember even if you can't draw or photoshop, you can help by trying to find suitable poses/angles in existing images for photoshoppers to work on.

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