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I took the trouble of reading your post, be grateful I replied.

Originally Posted by Kaioshin_Sama View Post
Well alright, here we are again. I hope people will just keep an open mind on what I have to say.

After 6 eps, I'm still not liking any of the characters all that much, in fact I almost dislike most of them.
That begs the ultimate question: So why are you still struggling to watch it if you can't like it? Of course, I don't want to be accused of driving you away from discussion, but if you choose to continue to suffer, it's your freedom.

The show continues to be absolute eye candy, and Fuuko on the beach in the one dreamish sequence was excellent loli fanservice, but...... I just don't feel anything for her. How is that? Something else good to say, something else.....
How about that scene was taken directly off the original word for word? Nobody's asking you to feel anything for her, that scene was supposed to be funny just with the words alone.

Still though, liking the characters is a key to enjoying a series, and none of that eye candy and fanservice is really going to help enhance my overall experience, if I can't get up about the average level because of this.
Again, forgive me for sounding like a seasoned Kagikko lording over a newbie, but eye candy? Fanservice? WHERE? (OK, maybe the swimsuits, but that's just minimal and non-revealing. ) All I see are the comedy interpreted EXACTLY as I have read them in the game. You're just making excuses for yourself for continuing your long suffering journey.

Now I'm sure I'll be countered on this point a number of times, but it's not going to help me like the characters more. It's beyond the point of just disliking Youhei now. It's still early, and there's always room for building characters and plotlines (Gundam 00 took it's time as well) so we'll just have to see. Until then I'll have lots of pretty pictures to look at. Though I still can't give this episode anything higher than a 5 again.
As expected, everytime Kyo-Ani goes up another level, we can always rely on our favourite Kyo-Ani critic to give the episode a patronising 5.

Since you're American, I will use baseball as an analogy: You're beginning to sound like a bitter Yankees fan moaning about every Red Sox win. (No offense to any Yankees fans out there. I don't watch baseball BTW. )

I shall respond no more.

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