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Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
Spoiler for Abandonment of and the Acquistion of the Ramza (Some Retcon):

Right then, I think I only have one part left (the Erusians losing) before I go back, force Tk to help me fix all the hax (of which I think we have little to none left, and now it's all just technicalities and, God forbid, physics), and start working on actual OCs.
Speaking of OCs...the revised charecter concept for Franz Jaeger.

Spoiler for Charecter Concept:

I think that's pretty much it. Apologies on the pic, will try and find a better one...

Originally Posted by Kagerou
Originally Posted by Tk3887
You just listed at least 2 problems right there the first season made flying seem pretty easy that seems to have been pretty much retconned, further different “levels” of flight have been added as mentioned Hayate is clearly not as acrobatic as Nanoha or Fate in the air. Flight now seems to be something that takes time to learn to do decently unless you’re freaky powerful in which case they might just throw energy at the problem allowing flight, but in a very inefficient way.
From what I've seen, few people even come close to Nanoha and Fate's level.

Nanoha's canon, the more I learn about it, the more shaky it gets.
That's something that really bugged me as well; I also remember reading somewhere needing to be A-rank in order to fly? Can't remember where I read it, so it's probably not an official source.

Originally Posted by Kagerou
Originally Posted by Tk3887
I’d say at least 120 to 150 miles per hour around the speed of a civilian helicopter or sky diver speed. I don’t think Nanoha or fate are that much faster honestly maybe 200 to 250 MPH. At very high altitude with thinner air higher speeds are possible Joe Kittenger made it up to mach 0.9 or about 615 miles per hour in freefall… from a 102,000 high hot air balloon and wearing this further when the seal on one glove broke his hand swelled to like 3 times its normal size in minutes.
At the lower altitudes mages fly at you’re looking at speeds of probably 300 MPH at the maximum IMO.
O_O damn. That's pretty nuts.
Anyway, 300 max flight speed is probably a straight line, right? If they had to maneuver through a city their flight would obviously be slower.
That's pretty slow, isn't it? *frowns* StrikerS episode 5 rather implied that Fate broke the sound barrier on takeoff, given that sonic boom... unless it was an afterburner shockwave... maybe I'd better rewatch that.

Still, if they're flying at that speed... it WOULD make in-city dogfights more challenging, because then the Erusians would have to be wary of the buildings and such, and the TSAB mages could fly about and turn with impunity. Plus, if you need to evade and set an ambush, all you need to do is to fly into a window and setup, unless the enemy VTOL fighters/helos have IR sensors tracking you, like what USMC Harrier II Pluses do in Iraq now...

Slight tangent; in Fate/Zero, it's noted that mages have higher internal body temperatures than normal people, due to the magic flowing in their blood; Kiritsugo uses that to his advantage by using an AN/PVS-04 night vision scope; it's an early IR scope, which means that it looks at the world in green-tinted vision, and people show up as white-ish against the green, because of the heat they radiate; mages radiate more heat than normal people. If such a thing applied here, this might be a way for insurgent Erusians to track the mages...

Originally Posted by Kagerou
...explaining that they're religious nuts is a bit retarded. It's going to be flavor text that explains a small portion of their devotion to their nation.
Like I IMed to you, a thought that came to my mind, of a possible Erusian proverb: "Better to die free than to live a slave." This might well prompt the diehard Erusian resistance. Also, don't forget, this war started because the Erusians were afraid the TSAB was going to enslave them, and they didn't want to be enslaved...

Also, a short snippet of a potential OC...

Spoiler for New Challenger Arrives:

....I think it should be fairly obvious who this is. <.<

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