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Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
It's difficult having your sister on top of you, as your boss no less.
And in more ways than one.... <.<

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
No probs, it's free to use So it'll be Franz' personal motto too?
Pretty much As I think "Five Minutes" is indicating, he finished OCS sometime around the airport fire, and completed his A-rank promotion exam about the same time (Wiki claims that all officers have to be a minimum of A-rank), but he was in the Order since it almost began, which means that he's spent around ten-fiteen years being Paperwork's bitch. And since Ivanovich hates and despises paperwork, and is the Sergeant Major... well, you get the idea.

Though at the present, he still does a lot of the Sergeant Major's paperwork, despite being Assault Platoon Leader (really an oversized Section, but Platoon sounds better - heck, USMC ANGLICO platoons are really 6-man teams). Regardless of what the TSAB thinks, in the OFM, Sergeant Major = Right Hand of God. Especially when the Sergeant Major is *cough*Johnson*cough*

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Hmm interesting... basically the question of "Does he really love me enough?" coming up?
Oh, yeah. I have ideas about that which I'm gonna discuss with Kagerou... but yes, it comes up alot. And occasionally when Franz least wants to deal with the issue...

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

Yup, there's going to be no way Nanoha's gonna be outpowered in beams And fanboys indeed

And you live in around this timezone in Asia eh?
Lol yeah. Right now, it's a few months after the fire and Hayate's big idea of Riot Force 6, so Nanoha is S+ vs Franz A+. The only area he outguns her is in HOT BLOOD. Hell, he outguns almost everyone in Riot 6 in terms of Hot Blood, but since almost everyone around can pwn him, I guess it balances. Hot Blood for Franz doesn't give him any attack bonuses... (in fact, it lowers his defence and adds "Priority Target +200" on him, which is why nobody wants to stand next to him. )

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
Aaaaand done (except the Spell List )! Tell me what you guys think, plz!

Spoiler for Erick von Long, Commander of the Order of Freelance Mages:
Sweet! Now that means I gotta work on Franz's skills and Ivanovich's profile/skillset as well.

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
"Aurion! Yo, Aurion!"
"Come on! 5 minutes! We'll just shoot at each other!"
lol, talk about a one-sided rivalry...

"Come on! We won't see each other for a few more months!"
"'s too much to hope I'll never see you again, correct?"
"Damn right! Come on, let's fight like Real Men!"

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Looks good! Nanoha seems to be really close with Franz.
Can't wait for the continuation.
It's part of her "Friendship through Force" philosophy: she kicked the shit outta him, which brought down his relationship barriers, and caused him to humble himself to accept her friendship. Once that was done, she basically moved all the way into Close Friend in one fell swoop.

Though Franz doesn't dare put the moves on her because Naomi threatened to castrate him if he ever attempted to "defile Nanoha-oneechan". Though that might have been jealousy speaking... as for Glen's POV...

Glen: "Franz, if you dare try and go on a date with any of those Aces, I will personally confine you to a fate worse than death."
Franz: "You mean castrate me?"
Glen: "Thank you for reminding me about that option, I will keep it in mind. No, what I had in mind was..."
Frans: "Oh God." *shuddering*
Glen: "You. Desk. Thirty Years. Unlimited Paper Works."
Franz: "...goddamnit."

Originally Posted by PhoenixFlare View Post
Quite good, considering it's not even the real part yet (or is it already?).

And Franz looks like he's going to be eating a big one soon.
Oh, I gotta edit a few minor things, but it's mostly real.

And speaking of Big ones...

Spoiler for Five Minutes to Lose, Pt.2:

It's finished. My fingers. They hurt.
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