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I can't really comment for now since I'll be heading off to my Accounting Class.

But I'm gonna post the profile of Hayate's eventual romantic interest NAO!

Spoiler for Grandis Lacetti:

This is still very bare for a profile. But I wanted to show it for some comments and advice. Contrary to Estavali's story, I'm going to use a late-bloomer-in-love angle with Hayate. She'll be 21 when the sparks starts to fly. There are some clues in the profile to who Grandis might hate. I'll do updates gradually, especially on his rare skill since I'm a little pressed in time this week. I also might set up a mini-arc as well named ResolutionS. The OC's and CC's that will be involved is still up in the air. The confirmed ones are Hayate and her Knights, as well as Aurion. And of course, Grandis. (And yes, he's five years older than Hayate.)

BTW, does anyone have a pic of the Divine Avenger sword from Star Ocean 3?

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2
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