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Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
I was thinking along the lines of dual elemental. Sure elemental affinity is supposedly rare, but we've seen a couple to suggest it really is THAT rare. Its probably more uncommon than rare really, multiple elementals on the other hand has never been seen, and could probably be classed as rare.

That being said, what do you guys think of an OC being able to use say...Ice and lightning spells?
Interestingly, I plan for Naomi to be a duel elemental...

As for Ice and Lightning Spells, I posted something a couple of pages back on Franz attempting Eternal Coffin. He froze patch of ground with a diameter of 8 feet, depleted his mana, and ended up passed out face-first in the frost. XD

Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
I can't say I'm dissatisfied with life here, but I'm not satisfied with it either. Its not bad, but not good either. Malaysia is relatively peaceful, and we don't have problems with natural disasters. We don't get insane hurricanes or typhoons, nor tsunamis and stuff (though the one that hit Indonesia a few years ago was felt even here in my area, I was freaked out to be honest).

However, many services offered here really suck, such as our Internet service providers. They don't sue us for downloading anime, but they make using the Internet a real pain every so often. Then there's the problem with the ever increasing cost of living here. Damn that has to be the worst.
Not to mention the political system here; we're practically living in a racist elected dictatorship that's intent on turning us slowly into Sauti Arabia.

Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
LOL That is very funny. Better to be careful or Franz might become Tais Scien Ver 2.0
Lol, unlike Tais, he can't pwn himself too much, because his CO and the Sergeant Major want paperwork done.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
YUp, Hotblood increases COURAGE to do the IMPOSSIBLE!!! (even counteract Phobias)



Indeed. ^_^
Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Kinda true there, although most are trained to be logical rather than brave
As my Marine friend (who is also a cop) told me, the Marines don't really teach brave, they teach you to be courageous: doing brave things without feeling brave.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
As I explained in a previous post, I'm under the assumption that a year and a half on Post-StrikerS, Teana would most likely outrank the LineBackers
I see. *nodding*

Also.... what would you say if at some point in the far future, Franz recruited the Linebackers to join the OFM?

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Unfortunately, Franz lacks true SPIRAL POWER
Indeed, he has only a pale imitation of it. Which is a good thing, because if he had any more, Ivanovich would beat it outta him.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
And we already have our first volunteer

Although IMHO for this plan to be effective, it'll have to be someone who's not known to hang out here
We won't know until we try. *shrugs*

Originally Posted by PhoenixFlare View Post
Anyone here familiar with the military drill? I mean, once they are alerted of a situation, what do they do, actually? In Nanohaverse, it seems like most of them are alerted via some cool communication screens and then they skip off for the site. Don't the Captains/Superiors need to be briefed by their Commander on the mission, the logistics provided, timing, army size, etc.? And are the armies always ready for such emergency situations (in terms of being able to go off the cuff when the signal comes)?
It depends on the unit. For example, air forces and navy air wings would typically have 2 fighters on what they call "Alert 5": A pair of fighters ready to scramble in five minutes, 24/7, round the clock; the Alert 5 birds head up while the rest of the squadron scrambles. It really depends on the situation. The Alert 5 senario above applies to DEFCON (DEFense CONdition) 5, peactime, as following the US Standard.

Under DEFCON 3 and 2, squadrons are ready to scramble 24/7 in full; the SSBN and strategic bomber fleets typically operated on DEFCON 3 and 2 during the Cold War, regardless on current DEFCON level.

For an aircraft carrier at sea, there are always two fighters on Alert 5 at all times and another 4 fighters in the air on a Combat Air Patrol, patrolling for threats; carriers operate on higher levels of threat and paranoia compared to ground forces.

The level of alert also depends on how close you are to the action. As we see in Transformers, which is highly accurate in its depiction of the military response, air support assets in hot combat zones are typically kept ready to go. As can be seen from the scenes of the Hogs taking off, both were already fully-equipped and fueled; all that was needed was for the ground crew to yank off the safety pins and they were ready to rock.

In this situation, which I think you're thinking of an intercept, what happens is that the pilots are launched, and as they're en route to the bogey, ground control will vector them in and brief them. Typically, on emergency or Alert 5 scrambles, there isn't enough time to figure out enemy dispositions, beyond the basics- "We have two Bears inbound on vector xxx". You get briefed while in flight to the for how I found this, it's from reading a book on the Air National Guard, back when they still had lotsa air defense squadrons and did Bear intercepts.

It's different though, if you have more time, at which you can plan your response properly and thus have what you mentioned above.

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
Originally Posted by tshouryuu View Post
@Aaron008R: OC's to be involved? Basically anyone who wants to get involved. It will be a rescue mission but with restrictions.

You will first meet up with an injuried Ginga at the entrance to the "hive" (I'm using this for now till i can think of something better). You will have to evacuate her while fighting off waves of "Raptus" aka Aliens. Once you fight off the beasts, you will decend to rescue others trap deep below. The last one to be rescued will be at the deepest part of the "hive". You will fight something there.

Main problems? Lack of light, it is very dark. Lights are not going to be effective. You will be underground so space will be an issue so forget all your "super powerful AOE attacks" or risk heavy friendly fire. Same for flight magics, there is really only 1 place you can fly. Next, the "Hive" isn't that stable, so melee is perferred, use ranged attacks if you want, but no cannon /bombardment spells.

Any other questions?
Sounds like Emili and Franz could have a lot of fun in this operation. >.>
And don't forget this man too, because this is right up his alley:
Spoiler for A.J. Ivanovich, Sergeant Major of the Order of Freelance Mages:
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