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Originally Posted by Akeval View Post
How do they think this will work? lucky star is for the japanese...
Ya know, this mis-meme is starting to take on the level of out-of-touch-ness that the "but the earth is flat!!!" group has.

Newsflash: ALL anime is for the japanese. The rest of us are just peering in.

Newsflash: Pani Poni Dash -- makes Lucky*Star look positively pedestrian in terms of "for the japanese" yet here it is on the shelves in other countries ... as is Kamichu! -- a series about Shinto. Do I need to make a comprehensive list of all the japanese series that use a lot of japanese idioms and references?

Newsflash: about 90% of Lucky*Star is made of mainstream humor approachable by just about anyone in a country that has hobby fans, small talk, and human foibles.

I may just slap the shit out of the next poster that says something like this if I can get to them. (rant, froth, rage, break things)

Pardon my rant, you were just the lucky 15th --- but this seems to pop up in almost every thread about the licensing of L*S repeatedly (which means they aren't even taking a brief browse of the thread before they post).
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