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But this whole incident shouldn't be limited to any one ISP. Which likely means that the other ISPs took one look at what DMCA thingie notice was sent to them, and told the sender to go *$%^ themselves. ...Likely meaning that Comcast is breaking a law or two.
It could also mean there is no copyright holder here and it's just comcast. The whole thing seems suspicious to me.

First, it's the isp contacting the people. If it was legit I'd expect to see these being sent by the copyright holder itself, or a legal firm representing them. Second, they're going to the leechers, and not the fansub groups. Third, the titles involved here seem to be random. There doesn't seem to be a common studio connection, and other titles from the same studios are not included. Fourth, they point out that your comcast account could be terminated or suspended, but nothing beyond that. Fifth, they don't say who they're acting on behalf of. Sixth, comcast has a history of unethical actions related to controlling traffic on their network, particularly with bittorrent.

Taken seperately each of those might not mean much, but together it looks like these dmca notices are really "stop using so much bandwith" notices. Comcast likely just envoked general dmca warnings to give it more impact.
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