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Well, here's Ivanovich's spell list, finally done:

Spoiler for Ivanovich's Spell List:

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Roger that Wildfire the crack writing is currently in progress keep up the fire until it's complete!
Copy, we have you on strobe! Hang in there!

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
More like US army style...

Stuff like this is why despite all the shit I’ll have to deal with I still want to join the army.
Army Strong, eh? Just curious: Why Army and not Marines?

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
The crack gas seems to have effected me more then I thought a one-shot at the least is in the works...
Go for it! I'll cover you all the way!
*sees a growing crowd*
...better make sure I have plenty of 105mm.

Bah she needs to spend some time with the SAS then...

They'll toughen her up.
Quite. Price's execution of Al-Asad took me by surprise, even though it would be what an SAS operative would do.
that intent is real for me at least, you can't chose my career path and not ask yourself if you could really kill other people and I can safely say that yes I can and might well have too.
One might say that if you don't want to kill, you shouldn't join the Army. So, what's your planned MOS? Infantry? Armor? Special Forces?

A well done one on one Duels is cool, they're stupid, but they are cool you can't deny that.
That might be what Nanoha is all about: cool fights...

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Acutally only her really heavy spells seem able to do that and she couldn't jsut spam those willy nilly she certainly won't be leveling any buildings with accel shooter or even Divine Buster.

I'd disagree this is more like an attack helicopter and the problem with those is they tend to have to get close enough for the targets to shot back which complicates matters. I've always consider mages less aircraft and more highly mobile helicopters.
I was basically thinking the same thing. I'm pretty sure the TSAB looks down on mages throwing around powerful spells wily-nily in population centers. It's then a race between time for the ground team to evade her and her Wide Area Search while setting up their ambush, while dealing with the Forwards, all at the same time.

Originally Posted by Tk3997 View Post
Yeah Signum/Maiden? I don't think so. a kimono....or a white gi... standing under a waterfall....
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