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Kingin Bengonin & Ginhigyou


Name: Ishishou Tsuhanshin

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 6''2

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green
Gotei 13

Squad: 5th

Seat: 10th

Captain: Formerly Aizen Sousuke

Personality: Happy alot

Abilities: Flash Stap, Hand to Hand. Terrible at Kidou

Zanpakuto #1 (He has a pair that work together)
__________________________________________________ ___

Name: Kingin Bengonin(Golden Defender)

Call: Defend Magnificently

Sealed: A katana with a gold wrap and cloth. The guard is shaped like a shield.

Shikai: A double-edged claymore that is completely gold. It has intricate designs going up and down the blade and hilt. The blade is not capable of cutting.

Abilities: Kagami Kodate (Mirror Shield)
Makes a gold shield between the opponent and Ishishou, any attack will be reflcted back at the oppenent twice as hard. Is vulnerable from any direction other than the one the shield faces.

Bankai: Amatsu Kingin Bengonin(Heavenly Gold Defender)

Transforms the sword into a shield, again gold with intricate designs.

Abilities: Kagami Kyuutai (Mirror Orb)

Same as shikai but creates a orb of gold energy around Ishishou and deflects attack back 10x as hard.

Zanpakuto #2
__________________________________________________ ____

Name: Ginhigyou (Silver Cutter)
Note: As in silver that cuts, not something that cuts silver.
Call: Slice the Heavens

Sealed: A dai-katana with a silver wrap and tassel. The guard is shaped like the sun.

Shikai: A double-edged claymore that is completely silver. It has intricate designs going up and down the blade and hilt. The blade is not capable of blocking. Uses melee attacks.

Abilities: Kantsuuyaiba (Piercing Blade)
Ishishou stab the blade into the ground and says Shatter. Hundreds of sharp piercing projectiles fly out of the ground and hit the opponent.

Bankai: Tenpi Ei Ginhigyou (Sun Covered Silver Cutter)

The blade lengthens and glows orange. Silver, intricate designs, yada yada. It also burns anything it cuts.

Abilities: Fudan Kantsuuyaiba (Forever Piercing Blade)
Same as shikai except Ishishou spins the blade and says Everything Burn and Shatter. The blades fire from every direction at the opponent. They also have the added burn affect.

Same as shikai

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