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The framerate of the workraw won't matter, as it's meaningless anyway, without the timecodes file. The typesetter won't need the timecodes file, but it'll be needed for any scene timing, and possibly for transforming a subtitle script for hardsubbing.
But the stored framerate of the workraw doesn't matter.
(Remember that Aegisub can also quite reliably load MKV files now, also VFR ones, and treat them correctly. So you could really make your workraw an MKV, both ASP and H.264 video would work.)

Edit update important announcement:
After some discussion in the Aegisub IRC channel we have reached consensus on a new word for the fansubbing vocabulary:

VFRaC - Variable Frame Rate assumed Constant (pronounced vee-frac)

This term means:
A video stream stored as constant frame rate in its container (or lack of) due to technical constraints of the container format or the software used to process the video stream. However, the video stream is supposed to be variable frame rate, and such has an accompanying timecodes file, and when the video stream is combined with the timecodes it will result in a VFR video stream that will correctly match the audio.
VFRaC only refers to the video stream, however "VFRaC timecodes" means the timecodes required to turn the VFRaC video into true VFR.

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