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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
And in other news, to avoid Contradictions and screw-ups, I would like to know how many OC departments/divisions in the TSAB do we have here?


I'm only looking for those that were not created recently like Keroko's rogues. To be more exact, I want those that are already in the system and not put together in the "last moment" by a single character.

aka, NO RF6.

State their:

1. Designation
2. Function/Speciality/Responsibility
3. Affiliation (Ground, Air, Naval, others...)
4. Authority/Jurisdiction
5. Estimated manpower size
6. Equipment (If any, this includes vehicles.)
1. Order of Freelance Mages
2. Elite independant Enforcers/disaster relief (official). In reality, the OFM are the black ops unit of the TSAB, specialising in wetwork and covert interventions ala Celestial Being with normal guns. Furthermore, the OFM also act as the hunters of the TSAB, rooting out corrupt TSAB officials and bringing them in for justice (very rare) and assasinating them (more often).
3. TSAB Navy
4. General Jack O'Neill/TSAB Special Operations
5. 21 combat mages (1 CO, 10-man Assault Platoon (Ground), 10-man Air Force (Air Support)), Intelligence section, support staff (80+), Aus'ruf crew (190-odd)
6. several Warthog LRV, one Warthog LAAV, several DS-77 Pelican dropships (can be outfitted as troop transports/gunships), one SOPMOD Tempest-class Light Destroyer Aus'ruf.
7. Began operations in MC0062, 13 years before StrikerS. 5 years before StrikerS, key members Erick von Long, Glen Schatennmann, Emili Nailo and Franz Jaeger met the Aces and began a first-akward, then comfortable friendship.

Tempest-class Light Destroyer:

A class of Light Destroyer used by the Space Navy of Administered World 82, where General Jack O'Neill, head of Special Ops, hails from. Tempest is a small, fast, highly manuverable and reasonably-armed warship, capable of fighting its way through enemy destroyers, and has a decent chance of taking out enemy cruisers in the hands of a skilled Captain.

Aus'ruf is not a Tempest.

Aus'ruf is a Special Operations Peculiar Modification variant of the standard Tempest, which basically means that it's been nerfed in terms of weaponry and optimised for deploying spec ops teams and stealth & electronic warfare. The 16 fore missile tubes have had all but 4 missiles removed to make way for reconnaisance platforms and EW drones, which are deployed from the tubes and travel through space as stealthed surveillance platforms. The gun armament remains, though magazine storage has been reduced in favor of more spares and supplies for extended operations. The Aus'ruf also sports better ECM shielding, cloaking, and ELINT gear, allowing it to eavesdrop and conduct information warfare, though most of its abilities are employed passively so as not to give detection.

The Aus'ruf is of a different design from standard TSAB ships so as to provide plausible deniability.

Among her crew, the Aus'ruf is jokingly referred to as the Bus to Hell.

For more details on the OFM, please see below. Far below. But the summed up points: They're TSAB black ops. They hunt corrupt TSAB officials and deserters and traitors. They conduct covert interventions on Non-Administered Worlds. They use conventional weapons to blend in. The Assault Platoon, the 10-man groundpounder team, use Halo ODST armor and Halo guns. And their Sergeant Major Ivanovich, NCO In Charge, is Halo's Johnson modded to fit this world.

(As for a 10-man team called a platoon, a Navy SEAL platoon consists of 8-12 men.)

Originally Posted by Melodius Trueheart View Post
Okay, let me try again with Xalinth. I made his backstory a little better (I hope) and it should at least be more palatable to viewer tastes...

One thing: would a shooting attack that can "strike through" other magical damage attacks like SB and DB be too over the top?

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Personal:

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Appearance and Persona:

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Device Info:

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Spells:

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Background:

Spoiler for Xalinth Tamerlan Ratings:
Sorry, not quite cutting it. What's so special about him that Fate gives him a Device? Unless you mean that she presents his device to him after graduation, the way Erick presents Devices to the members of the OFM as he welcomes them into the Order... also, he's a bit too much of a Gary Stu. *shakes head* And what is so special about him that he's evacuated instead of staying to fight? *shakes head* If you continue in that vein, this is gonna happen:

Spoiler for Intervention:

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post

*sulks in corner in want of CoD4*
Unlike COD4, this was an actual mission vid, taken sometime in 2002 or so. Not quite as action packed as in COD4.

Hmmm basically a very slow process of build up until the eventual release of coldblood... which means the longer he stays in a heated combat situation, the more likely he is to go cold... not good for extended ops?

And somehow, I can't wait to see the scenario where Naomi finds out the truth... I smell drama of EPIC proportions
No, not quite. In combat, the hot blood actually rises and rises, along with his true spirit of men. In this situation, his hot blood was deminished by the repeated scenes of violence, the blood in the hallways, the destroyed RF6 HQ, the bleeding Subaru... and then seeing Sein and realising that she and Cinque were about to escape, that pretty much snapped him.

And yes, when Naomi finds out, drama of epic porportions.

If he wanted to deny them human clothing, he should've left them naked as is...

Yes, but then this would happen:

[345x HIT COMBO]
Franz: "Arrrgggggh...."
Emili: "Back for more? TAKE THIS! EMILI KICKU, GEAR SECOND!"
[750x HIT COMBO]

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post I the only one that let her win?
It would appear so. Of course, she's getting her day in the sun with Franz later on... though really, all the CCs are gonna pwn him.

Originally Posted by Kha View Post one little batman interventional force since Midchilda GF is blocking all legal channels.
That actually is the sort of role the OFM is intended to fill, since O'Neill who's the big boss doesn't give a damn what Ground Forces think (then again, he also outranks Regius); their entire 13-year career is based on covert interventions. Well... covert is debatable...

And yes there WILL BE fanservice. In the loads. Most notable FS change at the moment is the restructuring of Signum's armor to give her assets more freedom, and I'm buffing several character's stats as well. Artei's viewpoints will show you the love.

*runs from drool flood*
*wolf whistles* Though giving Signum's assets more freedom wouldn't really be a good thing, since it'd most likely reduce the protection...

That's... an awful lot of banned tech. Contrary to the Celestial Being's principles (Intervention of Warfare Weaponry).


War makes for interesting allies...

Hmm... Ideas...

Well, the OFM is rather special. They were established ostensibly as a special Enforcer unit, but they're really the closest thing TSAB has to black ops; think Delta Force before they went public. The OFM conducts covert interventions on Non-Administered worlds, which requires them to use conventional weaponry; among their objectives are preventing planets from nuking themselves the way one of their home planets, Sotoa, did, as well as hunting down corrupt TSAB officials. The OFM will attempt to bring said officials in quietly to face judgement, but their typical orders are "Bring them in dead." One of their missions that Kagerou wrote up was the CO, Erick von Long, assasinating a corrupt TSAB official who refused to come quietly; one of their more notable missions is the capture of former Lieutenant Colonel Vincenza Blueno, who was responsible for 5 blown missions and Jail escaping from Fate at least once. Notable in that she was wanted alive, not dead.

When assasinating corrupt TSAB officials or running a black op - O'Neill's policy is to cut out the cancer, not cure it - the OFM will use conventional weapons so as not to give any trace of their presence to the TSAB. They're black, hiding from both TSAB proper and foe, shielded by O'Neill's influence and Leti Lowran's way with paperwork, and by Lindy Harlaown's influence: Lindy helped to set them up, though O'Neill and Erick, who are friends with Lindy, have gone to great pains to present to her a more...posititve... spin on the OFM's activities. (Which is to say they've been lying to her. And O'Neill can distract her because TK is writing him and Lindy into a crack pairing...)

A couple of links about the OFM:
OFM Master List (Backstory & Key cast)
Snatch & Grab (Ivanovich and Franz lead Bravo Squad, Assault Platoon, in capturing TSAB traitor Vincenza Blueno)
Ash to Ash (Glen vs Signum)
Elevation (Erick assasinating a corrupt TSAB official)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 1 (Franz is "befriended" by Nanoha)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 2

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
"Are you sure it's alright for us to be doing this, Hayate?"

Not bothering to lift her head, Hayate smiled as she proceeded to continue with what she was doing then, completely concentrating at her task on hand while replying, " Of course, it's not like we haven't done this a million times already."

"I know," Grandis replied as he made his move responding to Hayate's, breaking his way inside, her brow slightly contorted to that move by Grandis. "but tomorrow you'll be going on a mission. Even if you're with your knights, it's natural that I'd be worried. I’d hate it if you're not at your best because I drained you of all your energy tonight."

Hayate giggled, while Grandis's blank look invited wonders from her. He's probably the only one who can say that with a straight face and not realize the potential double meaning behind those words, before the game of chess they're playing.
Lol, win. Much win. Good job, Nighty! *thumbs up* ^___^
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