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Originally Posted by Reiji Tabibito View Post
Arcas: YOU try resisting those begging eyes...

ETA To Reiji Return from Hospital: 1.5 Days
Oh, yeah, I forgot those "eyes".


Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Now that's a rather strange love story there...

Although after Saya no Uta, mere drool is nothing

And Ash giving Subaru CPR? WANT

Me too.


Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Yes, he's very lucky indeed with Spica and all

*runs with USB*
as well

*runs again*

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Ouch... more flashbacks that contrast joy with pain. Despite the sad overtones you actually still manage to add some awesome scenes there... like Iriya biting Hikki's earlobe Wonder how Patricia's gonna handle this one...

And kudos for mention of the AS-50 there, and Young Frieda FTW!!!
Awesome? You thought Iriya-nee biting Hikki's earlobe wasn't awesome enough? Wait till I post Hikki's Darkest of the Secret Worlds.

Though I do want to see more of hot-tsundere-biting-beloved-one's-ear action. Yes; Iriya is one HAWT tsundere in my Gunslinger Girl Universe OC list.



Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post

The heat was overwhelming, an bristling sensation running through her legs. Grandis had always liked it there, and she'd never say it out, but she's very fond of how Grandis treats her with such a gentle warmth. It was so hot. She breathed, feverishly, her chest heaving.

"Hayate-chan..." Her tone was uneasy and of concern. “Are you alright? You sound...short of breath... and your face... is red. Are you sick?"

“Yes, I'm fine--” She managed to say, “--please don't worry about me...It's nothing-- reall-Ah!"



@ Erio: what do you think of Tears of Northern Wind so far?


Links to previous chapters:
Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4, reposted
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

And now I present to you.,,


Spoiler for part 1:

Spoiler for part 2:

Spoiler for part 3:

Oh, hell. I felt this chapter was poorly written and rushed, considering the fact I had to rush in the typing and getting home before rain fell (which it did just 10 minutes ago and it's torrential, too.).

FYI, ever wondering who the person in the last spoiler tag is? Not telling you here.

And so this chapter marks the advent of never-ending battles of destructive scales.
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