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Originally Posted by thephreak View Post
whooo...the Turn A got a 104 from Dalong. Anyone who got the kit care to share if its worth the money? personally, i think the design isnt spectacular, but the simplicity of it is quite appealing.
I just done my Turn A this afternoon, no pics though.
Spoiler for long post of praise:
Those who hate Turn A with all the guts, or just reading, an extremely short version:

Good points:
It is more flexible and movable than you.
It is detailed enough to spew nanomachines.

Bad points:
Didn't come with Moonlight Butterfly effects.
Couldn't lick his own elbow.

One more thing, not written even in the spoiler tags: I love swinging the little Gundam Hammer around. Love those chains.

EDIT: Someone asked about the interchangeable white chest piece: Its the colours for the kit designer, Syd Mead.

Also This kit celebrates the 100th MG kit and is a special edition.
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