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I am a big visual novel fan, although having only high school level Japanese doesn't really help at playing visual novels (most high schools have Japanese as a subject here) so I can only play the ones that have been translated already. I have already played through quite a few VNs in the past (FSN, Ever17, Air and a few more) and I really enjoyed all of them. To be honest, I enjoyed reading these novels more than watching some of the best animes out there. It's too bad that most of my friends don't like these games.

The last game I finished was Symphonic Rain, which definitely ranks as one of the best VNs I have played. I loved the songs so much that I even imported both Rainbow vocal album and For RITZ from CDJapan. Even my mum who doesn't listen to Japanese songs often enjoyed several of the songs from the vocal album.

Right now I'm going through One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e. So far I have already finished Nagamori, Nanase, Satomura and Misaki routes (my favourite is Misaki's route by far). I am still thinking of whether I will start on Mio or Shiina route next (still haven't met Shiina after having completed four routes).

After I'm done with One, I still have the following visual novels to go through:
Kana Little Sister
Saya no Uta
Hourglass of Summer

I seriously have no idea which one to start on next. Also I only play VN for about 1-2 hours a night so it will be a while until I can finish everything.
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