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4h batch to link to 1st post

Soma Peers of Human Reform League faction in Gundam 00. When I first found that pic, I just had to make fun of it >_<

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SEIIIBAAAA!!!! I'm running out of comment, I dont really like her actually.. but she was the famous out of all servant thus the abundance of artwork of her =.=

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Haha.. so small.. because the full size at 160 px height shoot up to 70+Kb wtf ... Its Ryoumou shimei from Ikkitousen.. 2nd best ikkitousen girl ever .. because no one beats Kanuu <3

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CC of code geas.. What can I say .. I actually never finished watching CG. Stopped at giant pizza episode, then I get spoilt about my pretty pink princess go berserk .. never have the heart to watch it anymore ;_;

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Coolest ninja ever.. Not to mentioned his imbaness in lazyness.. Rivalled only by yours truly. Truely an impersonation of myself ^.^ And he is so gonna marry Temari too, so he is really "me"

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Fate Testarossa of StrikerS series.. So fappable nowadays

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Getting lazy in making BG D:

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Yey for animated smoke !! Viva la smoke! :x edit : better smoke

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Double sig combo.. Text mistakenly got animated too

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OMG its Horo (I'm out of comment idea)

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Mai current wolfu!

edit pos #609


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NO COMMENTO ! ... actually there is .. I made the BG from scratch >.<'

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LOL.. totally invaded!

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7 in a row!!! if you consider my current as well .. Total invasion

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-ALT- version

Timeout to recharge idea lol .. Have some sumeragi <3

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Failed attempt .. Prolly need a complete redo ..

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sotm sig 2.. still cant decide what I should go with ...

WOW.. 18th sig! So near the 5th batch

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Ahaha.. Obsession continues .. 19th sig.. closing this batch with Tamanee sig for SotM I think ^.^

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And the closing signature for bach 4.. Tamaki Kousaka of To Heart 2. One of my 4 diva. <3 I'm hers forever!
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