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For good measure I'm going to add a bit here on how to use AGTH and Atlas to translate game text into english on the fly. I used the example of Prism Ark here from a PM I sent someone regarding how to use AGTH:

First you want to have your AGTH.exe file in a folder that is preferably near the Prism Ark.exe file. Now, make a shortcut for your prism ark exe file and right click it and select properties. Heres where it might get a little bit tricky. Under the shortcut tab you should find a line of text in a box with the word target to the left. That's the address your shortcut is pointing to. Click on it and go right to the beginning of that line. Now in Quotation marks, type out the address of your AGTH.exe file. You will also need an /h code to hook the text for Prism Ark due to it being offset between other bits of data, which I will include. Also, if you are using Atlas Translation Tool, your want it to copy to clipboard to make it easier, so that would mean entering the command /c.

Thus, for example, if you put the AGTH.EXE file in the program files section in a folder called AGTH and the Prism Ark folder in it's default location, your shortcut bar would now read:

"C:\Program Files\AGTH\AGTH.exe" /HBC@479600 /c "C:\Program Files\Pajamas\p_ark\P_ARK.exe"

Now, when you open up the AGTH program, you should see a bar along with the program and it should have an address and then say WideCharacterToMultiByte. When the text starts appearing in game, you are going to want to click the drop down option, and if the /h code was entered correctly you should see an option labelled USERHOOK B. Select that and the game will start hooking your text. Other drop down options give different threads of text, one of which is your items and Prism description and battle text.

Now, If you open up Atlas Translation Tool and select the quickatlas option you should get the icon in your quicklaunch bar, right click it and select Automatic Clipboard Translation. Because you chose to have AGTH automatically copy text to the clipboard, Atlas should be translating the text as it comes up in the game. It won't be a perfect translation, but it was enough to save me many times in games I would otherwise have no idea what I'm doing.

Now normally most games won't use a USERHOOK B and will only require textout A or something of that variety. Sometimes there are multiple text threads so you just have to find the on that works for you. Most games don't require an /h code either and merely require you to put in the /c portion to copy it to clipboard, which Atlas will then translate. This way you get portions of translated text as it comes up. In this case the shorcut line from the example would normally read.

"C:\Program Files\AGTH\AGTH.exe" /c "C:\Program Files\Pajamas\p_ark\P_ARK.exe"

Games that do require a /h code can be found within:

Spoiler for /h Codes for games. Credit goes to Mastress Alita from Boy's Love Games Headquarters:

Make sure you put in any /h codes before the /c as the commands will initialize in that order, and since /c is normally the last thing you would need to do, the game will crash on bootup as the code becomes scrambled.
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