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Originally Posted by Keroko View Post
Oh, don't worry, I don't mind learning from mistakes.
Would that all of us were so graceful

One of the reasons I equiped Artherion with a similar-ish looking design. It just looks so much more impressive then Bardiche's system.
It's the same reason why Franz uses bolt-action in Cortana; the moving bolt and sliding breech are so much more impressive than revolvers.

Artherion is actually equiped with a stripper clip reloader. I may not be that familiar with guns, but I do know that I loved the reloading speed of stripper clip equipped weapons in COD. I figured that with Keroko usually dogfighting in the skies and dancing in and out of melee, Artherion needed a combination of Fate's 'no extentions' melee combined with the reloading speed of a magazine. Stripper clips reloaded fast in COD, and they don't have huge extensions. Perfect combination.
*nodding* I can see what you mean...

Since Cortana's primary form is a sword, balancing during close combat was an issue; at one point, I was considering using the tube magazine system that Signum apparently uses (aka shotgun storage system) mated to a semiauto or bolt-action system: the hilt would store the cartridges and then they'd be chambered in, though my take would be that Franz actually slides in replacement tube mags... then I decided to go for manually loaded rounds, with a bolt-action system, because I starting envisioning Cortana's rifle form as an M1913. Franz's upgrading to stripper clips will probably take place during Disrupted Tangent, though I'm now toying with introducing the stripper clips earlier.

Also, after reading the chant, I realised that I left out a line. *sighs* Forgive me, friends. I have corrected it. There will be no other! It is complete! FINAL VERSION! The Chant of the armorers!

I am the primer of my cartridge.
Steel is my jacket, and mana is my bullet.
I have created over a thousand cartridges.
Unknown to jamming, nor known to misfire.
Have withstood pain to load many Devices.
Yet, these hands will never know peace.
So as I load,
Unlimited Cartridge Works.

...Oh crap. I now have an Idea for either Ivanovich or Chief to upgrade to a new rifle device... that uses the body of the XM109 25mm payload rifle, with 25mm cartridges... -_-

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