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Originally Posted by krisslanza View Post
*Hums 'Burning Rangers'*
Sooo... I finished up all the character-stuff on Rune, just need her bio... And her full name and title I gave her is: "Rune Juril, the Silver Dragoon". I had "Silver Dragon" but "Dragoon" is cool. Plus, Legend of Dragoon is seriously awesome.

Then I even did EDS-47's profile and bio. Though it's a tad... Dark.

And her title... No.47 the Tormented.

Then started a Varistan OC I haven't named yet but her title might be "Empress of War".

Ha! Page claimu!
I claim this page in the name of NanoFa- *Beaten and mugged*
Sounds morbid, even though I don't mind it. Rape isn't unnatural, and I daresay that most people, even in the fanfic world, gets urges sometimes. I was thinking along the line of making something morbid as well, but not entirely rape-centered.

Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
Chaos-kun has officially become Chaos-chan, the female version that is.
Can we hope fervently that the absence and transformation have mellowed him down a little?

[Bob]Absence makes the heart grows fonder. I don't expect him to be any other than himself (or herself). Gender plays little in determining the traits of one such as Chaos.[/Bob]

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Random thought: it's the Year of the Rat (yes, I know all about the difference between Solar and Lunar New Year). Rats are rodents. Ferrets are rodents.

Therefore, please welcome the Year of the Yuuno. Maybe this year he'll get lucky.
Is this going to be explicit or implicit?

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Eeerh I meant only 1949 posts till we hit 20000, from 1949 to 20000

And yes, the finely brewed crack that can only come from the likes of Kha/Nighty Enterprises
True, true, and they're the most yummy kinds, no doubt.

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If canon doesn't do it, fanon may. When was the last time something GAR was wrote about them anyway.


Spoiler for 5 mins of crack:

Good GAR is hard to come up with but this is workable with the plan indeed...

Back to more Heroes V for now.
Something tells me that Hayate is going to get owned by Katrina ...

And no! I still couldn't play Heroes V.

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
That depends entirely on the story. Check out PhoenixFlare's "GuardianS" Chapter One, which clocks in at 5,071 words
You made a word count of my Chapters?

In any case, I was wondering whether I should be changing the formating for my story a bit. If I'm not mistaken, reading through a block of superdense text is going to be very exhausting (I re-read Chapter Four, the longest, and it was slightly distracting with too many text, even if the flow was there).

How about a change, where I split them into smaller parts (using more spoiler tags, that is)? Or is the current reading form all right for all?

Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
Hello everyone. It seems like it's a ten or so page backlog pile for me to handle.



@Lowe: Happy Birthday, Kabayan!!! Congrats to your dad.
Welcome back, buddy! You've been missed (and partly so, since I can't do some stuff without you around; I'll keep you posted some time)!

I'll tackle your delicious-looking appetizer of a Bluecheesium for this year later, the computer at the university here is not conducive for massive reading.

Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post

Grandis foreshadowing starts it off and Agito gets her first impression of Aurion in this. A well-done exchange between Chrono and Acous with Hayate being naughty in front of Vivio, pairing up Yuuno and Nanoha. And at Tesla and Aurion part. That was pretty intense, even for a short while. Every interesting notes section and very much agreed and looking forward. I enjoyed this chapter, especially at certain parts. Looks to be a great start.

..and I just spend the last hour reading GuardianS and typing this up while I should be doing my report. I blame you for distracting me from work and itching to get started on the Katrina-centric StorieS while I should be doing something else.
This summary just tingled my tastebud to get started on GenerationS, but I guess that'll have to wait.

And why the reading again?

Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
I feel you Aaron. As I've always said, the people who wrote StrikerS really should be shot in the head, with a gun powerful enough to blow their stupid brains away. Nothing wrong with the interactions IMO.

About including one more ace, it seems your best bet now will be Fate. Unless you wanna consider some other OCs like Kha or Leona. Speaking of which, PF! Where are you!!!!??
I'm quite alive and around, just not posting. I'm trying to condense a huge wall of raw data into some readable form for my thesis as well as tinkering with some ideas that require a good amount of thinking and linking. Basically, I'm trying to put a civilization and society to life. In any case, the base ideas are already there, now comes the part to integrate it into the story. :3


Well, I had been doing something, in any case, and this one will serve as an intermediary chapter before we go into Chapter Six for real. Bear in mind that it is extremely metaphorical in nature, so what you understand from this need not necessarily mean the same thing literally. This is just a short piece, about 2.5k words.

Note: Do take notice of the location and date.

Spoiler for Transition, Part One—Trinity:
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