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Spoiler for Joint Training Pt.2: "Debrief":

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
I aww'd.

I'm gonna go ahead and post a chunk of the final arc of Sorairo Days because the next part's gonna be quite big...

Spoiler for The Liberation of Belzac, Part One:
Sweet! And the Master Chief makes his first appearance in the OC Thread!

@KEroko: Kagerou and I have talked it over, and we don't mind Mandy making use of the Order. So long as the strike order are authenticated and the targets fit the OFM's profile, I don't think they'd have a problem. Erick might be a little wary of Mandy's ambition, however, but he'd be very discreet about his misgivings and doubts.

The only big obstacles would be between Mandy and O'Neil, actually... and IIRC, the OFM's ship isn't even a TSAB Navy ship; it's from World 82, O'Neil's homeworld.

EDIT: Think fondly of me, friends. I have begun a small one-man crusade to reform Fanfic Thread. Depending on how generous Skyfall feels... -_-

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