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*Cracks knuckles* Right, new thread, new start. Since I can't whip up a new fic in a few minutes, I'll start of with a repost. It's been months since I last worked on this story, so a little review of what happened might be a good idea.

Now, this story is intended to dive into Ancient Belka, which -being a non canonical setting- means that there will be OC's apearing next to the main cast. They will be introduced, though, and I'll make effort to keep them limited.

Legend of Ancient Belka: Fall of an Empire.

Spoiler for Prologue:

Spoiler for Part 1 A burning vessel:

Spoiler for Chapter 2: Playing with politics::

Next chapter, Meetings and brothers.

Originally Posted by krisslanza View Post
We... We can post right? I just noticed bad things went down last night and... Well er. Moving along.

This was posted in the (I guess old) thread but since it is locked and all. I'll like to remind people of something here: I didn't write this. This is written by my friend that is helping me with my little project here. I'll pass along all comments and such to him though of course.

Spoiler for Arc-en-Ciel:

I also finished the 2nd chapter of School of Lyrical and will be updating it on once I get back from my English class in a few hours.

And err... If we weren't meant to post like this. Sorry. *Flee*
Fate imprissoned? Empreror? Questions are raised, none are answered. As a hint, it would be handy to make sure the next chapter caries a more detailed introduction on Erika, perhaps only the basics (apearance) but maybe more detailed (apearance, short past, personallity). That way we get a better feel of the character.

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