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Simple smoke tutorial (seriously simple !!).. As promised in my thread ;_;

1) Make a new document .. whatever size you want .. preferably 800 x 800 .. BG black. I seriously doubt your photoshop skill if you demand a screenshot for this step =.=

2) New layer (layer 1 by default - you can rename it if you like).. Use a soft brush .. around 100px and make a basic smoke shape ..
Spoiler for step2 screenshot:

3) Filter->Liquify .. And go crazy .. always go from bottom up tho .. experiment a bit. This step would ensure your smoke look nonstatic .. Of course, it depend on how you do this
Spoiler for step3 ss:

4) Smudge work next .. Fluffized it!
Spoiler for step4 ss:

5) Then .. we dodge and burns!!! Burn tool darken area while dodge tool whiten.. So again, go crazy .. told you that smoke are only limited to your imagination..
Spoiler for step5 ss:

Its share the same button under your gradient tool(in case you cant find it).

*TIP: If you need to erase part of it, use a soft brush eraser (preferably twice the size of your brush and only use the border! Gently erase your way to the middle from sides ..

6)and we done . for our first smoke layer .. Now open the sig you want to put the smoke.. I'll be using this .. Gonna put smoke on both her guns..

Only drag your smoke layer .. black BG are not use and resize.. It now became like this ..

Different smoke lol .. :x .. Anyway, the smoke layer I'm using are too white so I dropped the opacity for the layer a bit (~75% opacity)

7) Go back to your smoke document layer ... Duplicate it (if you want to keep the 1st layer) or you can use the same layer.. Repeat step (3)-(5) as many as you want. Dragging each layer to your final signature .. I end up with 3.. because tweening later will increase frames and we only have 50Kb to play with..

8) Its now basic animation sequence . Window-> animation if it wasnt opened yet in your PS .. or you can export to IR if you want .. Make as many frames as your smoke layers.. I have 3, so I make 3 frames and tween away..

Final result .. yea oversize .. well.. whatever ;_;

Standard disclaimer .. buu to thief !!
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