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Part 2...

Spoiler for MGLN GenerationS: Chapter 1: Part 2:

While I expect some aversion to this fic due to the OC involvement, I'd appreciate what comments and criticisms I can get. Oh, and about that's last part, let's just say that Aurion really got close to Hayate after ten years.

Otou-san means 'Father'. Yes, yes. I'm crazy! XD XD XD

Originally Posted by SpaceBrotha View Post
Nighty did say that he had the next part completed... But then, since one of the main storyboarders, An Hero in Disguise disappeared and never returned again...

But then, I guess it's maybe for the best... That story was filled to the brim with HAXX!

Well, we could use the OC timeline you guys have, and compile a single story around that timeline, perhaps using nightengales saga of saga and before saga as the official history... just by doing that we'd have a story of epic proportions, and something very worth everyones time reading
Yep! Up to now, nothing is yet to match Nighty's most EPIC!!! Saga of Saga story.

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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