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Wicked as it is .. Not a single comment on the tutorial thread


Some failed experiment (mainly I cant get it to work under 50kb) or stuff I never uploaded or unused anymore .. For archieval purpose .. psd have been deleted so cant edit anymore.. THESE ARE OLD STUFF!

Made for wrath88. For valentine's day last year .. That basic text animation fad

Haha .. This one promptly get me a pm from xris ojiisan when I put it up as a fake sig when rating a signature .. NSW think its a clever trick while monir o bakasan totally got fooled

Tokikochan !! Love the animation, but totally oversized! I first made those orbs to fly in from outside of the sig @.@ but as you can see, even when they magically appear on screen, the frame cost are already too much for poor animesuki filesize limit ._.

I think this is my first animated smoke siggy .. back in December '06 Cheap too.. 1 smoke layer and duplicate and flipped horizontally

Whatever the verdict is on this one .. this remain one of my work that I totally love!! Caster is crying :'(

Cheap animation trick .. Just switch the layer blending mode to achieve the effect

One of the best rep farming sig

Lol.. 1 single render .. So many Kanu love :3

This one take a wee bit to load completely .. Gomen ._. The dragon suppose to be sort of aura to her .. or so I thought .. Guess I cant convey my thinking to my layers @.@

Lastly not a sig .. but ..

Look at the filename to figure out what I'm thinking Yes.. I freaking animate the damn water @.@

One of the sig I'm very proud off.. somehow the brushing work just click with each other <3.. That reminds me.. I really need to finish watching the damn series before the series continues in season 2 >=x
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