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Oh a tutorial? Yes. n_n

1. We start with this base;

2. New adjustment layer->curves
input: 49
output: 70

3. Create a new layer and fill it with #ffcc66. Set this layer to multiply at 20% opacity

4. New adjustment layer->selctive color
REDS: -100, +35, +40, 0
YELLOWS: -20, -35, -70, 0
NEUTRALS: 20, 5, 10, -20

5. New adjustment layer->color balance
MIDTONES: -28, -15, -16
SHADOWS: -13, 0, -16

6. Copy backround layer and drag it on top of everything. Go to Filters->Blur->Gaussian blur. Set radius to 1,0 and click 'OK'. Set the blurred layer to soft light 100% opacity

7. New adjustment layer->selective color
REDS: -100, 50, 50, 0
NEUTRALS: 65, -30, -20, 0

8. New adjustment layer->Gradient map-> black&white. Set the layer to soft light opacity 50%

9. Duplicate the backround layer and set it on top of everything, desaturate it and set to screen 100%opacity

10. Create a new layer and fill it with c9f0ff, set the layer to color burn 100%opacity

11. Create a new layer and fill it with 00031c, set the layer to exclusion 100%opacity

12. New layer filled with 8cd980 set to soft light 100%opacity

13. New adjustment layer->Hue/saturation

14. Add some effects if you want, I added a grunge texture from dusty_memories and set it to multiply, I also added a red blurb set to screen to make it look more interesting and a text at the top of everything.

Now you'd like to have this;

Anyway, I hope the tutorial is really good for all of you. +grin+ T'was bored.
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