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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
And Akira's official profile finally appears!!! As expected, lots of HOTBLOOD in her, especially as part of the Kanou Takeshis, and Master Asia Sanshiro as her mentor

Though Kamen Rider Super-1? So her henshin sequence looks like this?

And... JINRAI!!!!!!!!!!!
We all need more hotblood OCs, ne?

Yup, it's that flashy though not as cloth-ripping as FateMargaret's sonic form, though

Spoiler for Akira's friend; story later:

Yes, our very own IBIS IS LOVE is finally here just don't make fun of her in front of Akira or she'll Rider Kick you


Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
I figured as much He's so awesome, there's no way he couldn't have been in fanon OC already.

...If Zengar and Ratsel were around during the Cradle incident... they'd have steamrollered the Numbers. I mean, it doesn't matter who the Numbers are! This is ZENGAR!

Tre: *attacks*
Zengar: *dodges*
Zengar: "Zankantou Raikou Giri!" 14579 Damage
Tre: *pwnt*

...oh, god, I have a crack of Zengar and Ratsel and Kurogane during Cradle attack... Kurogane getting to the Cradle before the Navy.... -_-
Zengar & Ratsel against the Numbers?

Ratsel: tomoyo, ima koso warewa no chikara miseru toki!
Zengar: sou CHIN!!!

*Zengar & Ratsel Daizengar & Daitrombe combine and become one*


*Daizengar & Daitrombe PWN Numbers with Tatsumaki Zankantou*


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