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[MANGA] Bleach Chapter 307 Discussion

Bite it and Slash it


* Continues from last chapter, Mayuri was starting to heal Ishida. But Ishida was screaming because he thought Mayuri was about to do some experiment on him. He couldn’t move because of the injuries and Nemu was holding his shoulders.

* Mayuri was telling not to whine and Ishida should thank him for healing him free. Ishida yelled back that Mayuri was going to do something weird to him.

* However before Ishida could protest anymore, Nemu asked him to be quiet and leaned forward which caused her breasts to be right on Ishida’s face. Now Ishida couldn’t say anything except sounding like he’s suffocating. “Good, Nemu. Just shut him up. It doesn’t matter if he dies.”

* Then he pulled out a needle which filled with weird liquid. But Renji called Mayuri asking him to heal his injuries first. He said his friends are fighting espada level enemies. He needed to rush and help them.

* Mayuri refused and told him Ichigo’s side has Kenpachi to help them. “You should know better those are beasts over there. If you interfered, you’ll just end up being eaten. That is the most foolish way to die. Don’t you think so?”

* A scene cuts to Kenpachi fighting Nnoitora. They were fighing until Nnoitora fell and was about to get stab on the head. He managed to escape and Kenpachi said, “You dodged? If you dodged it must because it was dangerous. You said shinigami’s sword couldn’t cut you. But it seems like there is a place that could be.

* Nnoitora laughed and said it was the fighting instinct. He continued and said there was no where Kenpachi could cut him. He then threw a scythe at Kenpachi but he caught it and said, “There were lots like you in Soul Society.

* Those annoying fools who kept saying they won’t get cut. But I never see one who could escape the stab on the neck or the eyes!” With that Kenpachi stabbed Nnoitora’s eyes. Ichigo and Orihime who were watching the fight were shocked to see it.

* However, Nnoitora said, “I told you so many times. Don’t you get it?” And he cut Kenpachi’s chest.
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