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Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
Spoiler for Will this make a good story?:
I agree with a lot of that, dk. To be honest, I tend to forget what rank I put a mage at until I look back at it (case in point; Glen was doing stuff way too powerfully for only being AA-rank, so I retconned him to AAA rank *shrug*).

Honestly, if it's well written, I don't care if we've got SSS++++++ characters running around. I'm here for a good story and to help others (and be helped in return) write a good story, and sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) throw in references to my favorite things while I'm doing it. And if a character needs to be god to do it, then by all means, go for it.

Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Thanks for all the delicious info Goose. It's really useful.

Anywho, I was actually enroute to petSMart when it hit me that I was going about assigning my Rank system all wrong. What I need to do right now is assign the effect as per how it should be viewed, and then let the assignment of rank based on estimated common obvervation, rather than half-guessing at power ranks and then going "Oh it's __ rank" or something.

So in that light, I'll throw in the following data.

Spoiler for Data:

I'm gonna' get ready for bed.
That sounds pretty good. However, I'm going to agree that maybe we shouldn't be saying C-ranks and above. That final attack sounds like you'd put the C-rank in the hospital for weeks. Now, A-rank sounds a lot better.

Just some advice. If you want to keep it C, then by all means.

Okay, now my turn. I've been developing this thing for a while now and wanted to run it by you guys before I put it to paper.

Spoiler for New Barrier Jacket Armor System:
Kagerou - Generic Universal Rage Producing System

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