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Okay, it's finally done! Who. Now I can sleep.

Spoiler for Master Chief John-117, Skills & Abilities:

Man, rewriting, researching and checking out stuff was a bitch. I've tried to strike a balance, toning down the MJOLNIR Mk VI armor while still keeping it badass and canon to the books (yes, yes, yes, I understand I'm playing in the Nanoverse, this is an attempt to translate Master Chief into the Nanoverse and make it fit, not like a certain god and certain copypasta XD)

Originally Posted by Estavali View Post
Kagerou, that design for the G3C... something from Hellgate London, no?
Actually, no. It's a stylised Ghost suit from Starcraft, for use by the psychic Ghost commandos. (And no, in canon Starcraft, the female version doesn't have heels. In this version, however...)

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
I think it's stupid for 7Arc/TSAB to assign powerful YOUNG mages to high ranking leadership roles that takes them out of the field.

Hayate and Chrono are such examples. Considering they were complaining about a lack of manpower, wouldn't it be more productive to have these healthy soldiers who are in their prime, fighting in the frontlines?

Maybe after a few years (If they lived that long) when they have calcium deposits in their joints then it would be time for them to leave the field.

(Then again, Hayate does have the excuse of a glass-cannon...)
I dunno. The TSAB seems to be following the idea that you commission mages fast and quickly if they're hi-powered; IIRC, almost all A-ranked mages are put through OCS, and Chrono was already a high-ranking Enforcer at 9. Also, remember what I posted above: Lindy was a ship captain, Chrono is a fleet commander - when you're at that level of rank, you are not paid or given your rank to go and slog it out on the frontlines, you're supposed to COMMAND.

Originally Posted by dkellis View Post
I'm not sure what sort of personnel TSAB is short-handed in. As far as we know, there isn't any actual war happening in the canon. Regius mentioned in his flashback with Zest that the Ground Forces are lacking the personnel to deal with the high-powered criminals who create disturbances "on the ground", so to speak. I'm thinking that in those cases, you send the equivalent of Special Forces in, rather than the heavy artillery. The skillsets are very different.
Not to mention the mindsets - a policing mindset isn't quite what you need when dealing with issues that Special Forces get involved in. That's pretty much how the Order of Freelance Mages got started; as Special Forces...although their bent was more to being the hunters of the TSAB, assasinating corrupt officials.

Basically, I'm not sure that the TSAB really needs to have a huge army (and navy) already Out There, as opposed to being on standby or whatnot. I mean, we've got Erio and Caro out who knows where with environmental conservation, which is not the most obvious place to post someone with a spear Device, even if he requested it. Subaru is in Search-And-Rescue, and I have no idea what Teana is doing as Fate's aide.
Erio in environmental protection with Caro is admittedly weird. On the other hand, perhaps Admin felt they owed it to him to give him somewhere to relax and cool off. As Fate's aide, I'm guessing Teana will be getting practical hands-on knowledge of the workings of the Enforcers, which will be a help when she officially joins them (IIRC, she's been shooting for Enforcer for a long time now).
And yet the navy exists, and we have a huge number of military mages, and the Arthra was fitted with the Arc en Ciel of the city-destroying destructive power. I have no idea if they're all mostly on patrol and standby, or if they're actually out there in force doing something. (In force, mind.)

I'm beginning to believe that the TSAB's method of recruiting and rapidly promoting high-ranking mages is their way of being able to keep an eye on said mages, rather than let them get bored and create some mischief.
To be honest, it does seem that way. Which is again why Ivanovich supressed his actual mage rank of AA+; he didn't want to be demoted and placed somewhere where the brass could keep an eye on him (in terms of influence, Sergeant Major > junior-level officer). It strikes me that the TSAB arent really making good and full use of their talents... on the other hand, the same thing has always happened to the new ideas in any organisation. Just witness how the US Air Force was dead-set against Special Operations at first.
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