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Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post
Well a three-way N/F/H (sandwich intensional ) one-shot is put in the works now. Look forward to it within the next couple of hours
Actually I got a N/F/H hentai doujin in the mail today.

Originally Posted by USB500 View Post
Oh, my.

That's lots of innuendos there, although the last- ahem, you know, was very straightforward.

And I found this strangely amusing in its own right. Muffins and milk for breakfast....
XD I love blueberry muffins, to be honest. That's why I always make Nanoha eat them.

Oh, random note here. if you bookmark this thread, you can change the page number to a page that doesn't exist yet and it will always take you to the last page :3

like: is set as my homepage, and I always see the latest page without having to update my URL .

Spoiler for PANCAKES!:

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