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This was being discussed in the Image thread but I feel like the data belongs more over in this thread.

Pertaining the "Horo==whore in Finnish" joke meme.

I can find nowhere any validation that "horo" (ほろ) is related to the Finnish word for whore. The closest/only example is "huora" which would be rendered quite differently in Romaji (probably ふおら hu-o-ra). The only other word is "hitto" which is even less coincident in pronunciation or writing.

Originally Posted by Alternative Finnish Dictionary
huora † a female prostitute, whore note useful when insulting a woman by calling her Saatanan huora, literally Devil's whore. The verb for calling someone with the name whore is huoritella. (from the Alternative Finnish Dictionary)
Originally Posted by Uncyclopedia
Hitto, probably from pagan origin, is a considerably mild swear word, but still considered an expletive. Also used in a diminutive form "hittolainen". It is a reference to a sacred chamber or honeymoon site, or a mythical being hiisi associated with them (and possibly Hittavainen). It can nowadays be translated as "succubus tramp whore" or some other little hellish being, like Ann Coulter.
The Uncyclopedia is a very funny wiki if you like that sort of thing...

I've found a few implicit references for the Ainu word for "wolf" but most of them are under the JSTOR locked down documentation and a pain to extract. The only direct online reference I've found is "While his name is Ainu for 'Wolf'," describing Horo of the Shaman King in the IMDB database -- hardly proof. Its been amazing difficult to find anything converted on the Internet about Ainu (which is sad)... a problem I noticed when researching Utawarerumono the other year.

So... although it may be funny to some and possibly an interesting way to insult her (many people as children get their names twisted into something insulting), there's very little evidence of an actual connection. I could imagine someone from the Church in the story calling Horo a "hitto" if he were from the far north though
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