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News Program Reportedly Takes Over Doroku Anime Time Slot on TBS in April 2008

This is one of 2ch's most reliable posters, considered a "god." No one else there questions this poster's trustworthiness as a source of information, an all too common occurrence at 2ch with anyone less than "god" status and anonymous posters who do not identify themselves with a "kote."

TBS and MBS are revamping their Saturday evening television lineups for Spring 2008, and doroku will likely disappear, replaced by live action programming which draws higher TV ratings and brings in more money.

As for running an anime series right after nichigo on TBS, Sundays, 5:30pm-6:00pm, many believe that to be foolish, if not suicidal, because it would air opposite Shouten, the long-running, very popular, improvisational comedy show which airs on NTV, Sundays, 5:30pm-6:00pm. (Shouten debuted on NTV over 41 years ago, on May 15, 1966.) They figure it would be unlikely that Macross Frontier would air right after Code Geass, and consider any rumor saying so bogus.

2008-02-03 Edit

Elaborating on a news brief by Mass Communication Research Company about TBS and its news show, Shin Houdou Tokushuu, the 2ch television programming "god" poster cited above and in my previous post on this thread posted a few days ago at 2ch that Shin Houdou Tokushuu will start airing in April 2008 on TBS, Saturdays, 5:30pm-6:50pm (17:30-18:50), and that the MBS anime time slot - i.e., doroku, or Saturdays, 6:00pm-6:30pm - will certainly move. (Doroku anime series are MBS productions.)

Because of the prior television broadcast schedule announcement of the second season of Code Geass, many assume that doroku's move will be to Sundays, 5:00pm-5:30pm on TBS/MBS, which will be known as nichigo.

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